GunForce opens its Adelaide showroom and online sales channels as the Australian relaunch into the retail market. The store sells a range of firearms and accessories as well as all Lightforce Group products.

Force Ordnance

Establishment of Force Ordnance, drawing together the Lightforce Group with a global consortium of key partners to supply to defence and law enforcement clientele.  


Lightforce Group expands further with the acquisition of US reticle design company Horus Vision whose reticle designs were already a part of the Nightforce product range; creating a fully in-house network of product.


APRS established in order to create a high quality platform to deliver premium performance through a retail rifle and maintenance service. Using some of the finest components machined to exact tolerances to produce a true precision rifle.

Driving forward

Lightforce begins production of driving lights, developing brackets to mount hunting lights on vehicles. This is where the brand’s recognition is cemented in Australia – being seen on the front of many vehicles on the road.


The Lightforce name becomes available in the US and is acquired to be used only for lighting products (with the Nightforce brand remaining dedicated to optics).


The company moves into the US market with the establishment of Lightforce USA, which trades under the name Nightforce Optics (the Lightforce name is unavailable). Due to restrictions on using lights for hunting at night, the focus is solely on optics products.

Gun Shop

Ray opens a gun shop in the same building as the dental practice in Cleve, South Australia. This would go on to form the launching pad for the future of the Lightforce Group.