Basic Information

Lightforce has built a formidable reputation as a global leader in innovative design and excellence in the manufacture of high performance and durable lighting systems. Ongoing development has opened up new markets and our award-winning range of modular accessories has helped increase demand to the point where we now export to over 50 countries worldwide.

With more than 35 years’ experience, Lightforce Group is now a global leader in portable professional lighting systems as well as driving lights, rifle-scope optics and lighting accessories.

Unlike our competitors, we undertake pioneering work in the use of modern composite and eco-friendly materials. This not only gives us a clear competitive advantage but has also earned Lightforce a number of prestigious Australian and international design awards. We continue to see growth in customer loyalty and confidence in our brand around the world.

Built around the framework of ISO 9001:2008 (International Quality Standards), our manufacturing capability and capacity is agile to ensure we meet the ever-changing market demands. Our design ethos is simply that “quality is designed in, not inspected in”. With a dedicated and highly accurate logistics network, more than half of Lightforce’s production is exported worldwide to major markets in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, South East Asia and North America.